Program Management

NCMS' support contractors blend in and become an integrated part of the
customers' management team and share the same goals and objectives...
"achieve short and long-term solutions to the challenges of today and

We provide strategic planning workshops that assist our clients to envision
their organization's future, set specific and obtainable goals, and
monitor/measure progression towards achieving those goals.

Our professional on-site managerial and technical support facilitates the
development of a vibrant quality culture through the development and
implementation of an efficient and effective quality system.

NCMS also provides 2nd party auditing services, for contracting agencies and
prime contractors.

Our auditing services support your in-house resources. As an extension of
your purchasing and quality teams, NCMS' auditors
represents you – our client in determining supplier / sub-contractor   pre-
award capabilities and assess post-award performance and quality

We can help your suppliers and subcontractors to attain and maintain
acceptable levels of quality and performance by ensuring that their processes
can repeatedly (consistently) meet contract requirements.

We work with suppliers and sub-contractor to identify operational deficiencies
and take appropriate corrective actions.

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