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Workforce Development
and Training
Quality Management Engineering Systems / ISO 9001:2015
implementation of quality management systems in accordance with the
requirements of ISO 9001:2015 and/or other quality standards.  Support
consist of
training, conducting internal audits, participating in management
, assisting in the collection of operational data, analysis of root
causes of nonconformances, and developing corrective and preventative

Database Development
Provide managerial and technical support that facilitates the gathering of data
and information for
program reporting. Develop impact assessment
instruments for program participants and program agents to collect and
performance data and information. Create a program staff database
to collect and correlate
budgeted hours and performance data; and
on-demand reports for review and distribution. Develop
metrics to evaluate program outputs, outcomes and impact.

Training and Facilitation Services
Develop and facilitate an array of highly interactive, participatory workforce
development and training workshops and programs for
entry level, middle
senior personnel. Subject matter include leadership, managing change,
critical and
creative thinking, team building, data analytics and diversity in
the workplace

Program Management Support
Provide managerial, technical and administrative support to the Army
Mentor-Protege Program. Monitor and track
goals and objectives contained
in program agreements, perform
data collection and analysis of program
participants' activities and relationships, prepare responses to
and GAO inquires
for program and financial data, prepare quarterly reports
that address overall M-P activities,
action items and recommendations for
program improvements.

Provide program management support to ODMEO through
with minority affinity groups and minority educational
to improve outreach and enhance diversity within the
Department of Defense. Develop and implement
assessment surveys to
collect and analyze pertinent
inclusion data and information. Coordinate and
technical workshops and webinars, based on survey results, that
increased minority serving institutions' capacity to bid on DoD research and
technology transfer contracts and educate and encourage minority students
regarding DoD
internship and scholarship programs with the goal of
increasing the DoD civilian workforce pipeline; particularly in the areas of

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